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Sarah Whitman

I create and improve content.

As an independent writer and editor, I bring structure and clarity to any project I take on. Organization is the name of my game.

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Humoratwork article

Laugh it Up: 6 Reasons to Use Humor at Work

Two witty creative professionals share examples of how using humor on the job can help you build rapport, diffuse tension and get what you want.

Collaboration article

Can We Please Get Along? 10 Tips for Collaborating with IT Professionals

As creative and IT teams work more closely to tackle digital initiatives, shared stumbling blocks often prevent projects from flowing smoothly. Here we reveal common barriers to effective collaboration and strategies for improving relationships with your IT counterparts.

How to hire an employee article

How to Hire an Employee: 6 Tips to Head Off Hiring Disasters

New to hiring? While you need to move swiftly to land top creative job candidates today, you can't be careless. Taking shortcuts can come back to haunt you. Here's how to hire an employee you won't regret.

Copy editing tips article

Top 10 Copy Editing Tips for Creatives

A seasoned editor offers 10 copy editing tips to help creative professionals craft error-free communications.

Content marketing strategy sg article

How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy: Q&A with Stacey King Gordon

Content guru Stacey King Gordon offers expert advice for developing and maintaining a winning content marketing strategy for your company.

Coffee meetings article

8 Tips for a Successful Coffee Meeting

For many freelancers, coffee shops are a popular venue for connecting with prospective clients. Follow these eight tips to get the most out of your next java-fueled coffee meeting.

Mod tablet cover article

7 Cool Tablet Covers to Up Your Creative Game

When showing off your digital portfolio to prospective employers and clients, make sure your tablet cover is as sharp as your skills. Here are seven presentation-worthy picks.

Gig poster design article

Creative Case Story: Design Duo Pulls the Trigger on an Innovative Gig Poster Design

Two designers team up to promote a beloved band with a bang. Here's the story of how their killer gig poster design came together.

A3 portfolio 1 article

It's All About That Case

Here are 10 portfolio cases and business card cases that will help you attract attention for all the right reasons.

Soft skills article

3 Must-Have Soft Skills in the Workplace

It may come as a surprise, but your soft skills could be the most important assets in your career toolbox. Here are three key soft skills creative professionals should hone.

Linkedin recommendations article

LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements: 5 Do's and 4 Don'ts

What should you do – and not do – when it comes to seeking LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements? Our primer will help you seek public validation like a pro.

Freelance tips article

Freelance Tips: 7 Lessons I Learned During My First Year as a Freelancer

An editor turned freelancer shares ideas and insights from her first year in business.

Dogs at work article

Who Let the Dogs In? 6 Tips for a Canine-Friendly Workplace

Allowing dogs in the office is an increasingly popular perk offered by creative firms. Here are six things to consider if you want to maintain a safe and happy dog-friendly domain.

Kalleys machine plus cats article

Creativity Runs in the Family: The Making of "Kalley's Machine Plus Cats"

Here's the inspiring story of how one dad turned his love of design and his kids' enthusiasm for creativity into a family business.

Evernote bag article

A Grown-Up School Supply List

Why should kids have all the fun with back-to-school purchases? Here's your big-kid school supply list....