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Sarah Whitman

I create and improve content.

As an independent writer and editor, I bring structure and clarity to any project I take on. Organization is the name of my game.

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HOW magazine

Music to My Mouth: Studio Album Released on Beer Can

Adam Ritchie Brand Direction took home a HOW award for one of the most unique album releases we've ever seen—on the side of a beer can.

HOW magazine

SFMOMA's Award-Winning Rebrand

The in-house team at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art rebranded the beloved institution and took home Best of Show in HOW's In-House Design Awards.

HOW magazine

The Business Behind an Award-Winning Promotional Gift

The two sisters behind a HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Best of Show–winning promotional gift built their business on gratitude and love.

HOW magazine

THE REPUBLIK's Award-Winning Hotel Rebranding - HOW Design

When THE REPUBLIK tackled the rebranding for The Franklin Hotel, a boutique hotel located in Chapel Hill, NC, the agency sought to create a unique experience with a rich attraction that would reflect the tradition and student life in the area.

HOW magazine

When a Design Student Rebrands SpaceX - HOW Design

SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer that builds and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft, aims to make it possible for people to live on other planets. For an Art Center College of Design class project, Yuma Naito was instructed to rebrand SpaceX.

HOW magazine

Design Army: Crossing Boundaries in Magazine Design - HOW ...

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) is one of the oldest and most prestigious art schools in the country. When approached to help unite MICA’s 19 graduate programs through shared content, Design Army developed and designed a semiannual magazine to connect students, allowing them to share ideas, news and art.

HOW magazine

So Happy Together: Creativity & Collaboration at Spindletop Design

Learn how Texas creative studio Spindletop brings community, culture and collaboration to its design work.

HOW magazine

Letter-Perfect: The Gift of Hand-Drawn Letters - HOW Design

Since she was a child, Toronto-based Lesli Ink owner Lesli Ferguson has saved every heartfelt card she’s ever received, amassing boxes upon boxes. So for the holidays last year, Ferguson wanted to send her clients a card that they, too, would cherish.

Brick instagram 400x400 article
HOW magazine

Buzzfeed: Behind the Site with Product Designer Emily Brick

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work for a company with a wildly popular and incredibly fast-paced product, look no further than BuzzFeed product designer Emily Brick for the answers.

HOW magazine

Generally Speaking: A Case for Smaller, More Versatile Creative ...

Josh Payton, Huge‘s vice president of user experience for Europe and Asia, believes The digital world is at a turning point. He says companies want designers who are smart generalists. But what does that mean for today’s creative workforce?

Letterhunt journal image 1 design products article
HOW magazine

Summer Guide: The Best Graphic Design Books & Products

11 products designers will love this summer

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HOW magazine

10 Ways to Become an In-House Entrepreneur

Whether you’re in charge, operating solo, or part of a large team, you can learn how to be an entrepreneur in-house.

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HOW magazine

Designing Civic Engagement, One Person at a Time

A new philanthropic lab is funding individual people and projects — and betting on the idea that design and creativity can drive civic engagement and change a city for the better.

HOW magazine

Straight Talk From Two Solo In-House Designers

Sarah Whitman talks with solo in-house designers who share insights on everything from the breadth of their responsibilities to staying creative.

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HOW magazine

Graphic Design Trends Designers Love—& Hate, Part 1

We reached out to packaging design, logo design and web design pros to find out what design trends they love—and hate.