Sarah Whitman

Sarah Whitman

I create and improve content.

As an independent writer and editor, I bring structure and clarity to any project I take on. Organization is the name of my game.

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Creative Workspace Solutions that Make Employees Happy

Want to fuel creativity in the workplace and keep your employees happy and engaged? It may be time to rethink your creative workspace.

PR Tips for Creatives, from Creatives

If your creative firm’s public relations plan is nonexistent or dead in the water, don’t despair. Here, four pros share their best PR tips for generating positive media coverage for your company.

What to Do When You're Stuck in a Rut

Are you an independent creative professional stuck in a rut? Here’s how to kick the freelance funk.

9 T-Shirts Designers Should Have in Their Closets

These graphic T-shirts will have you looking stylish while showing off your love of design and typography.

The Ultimate Graphic Design Resume Tip Sheet

Designers have an extra challenge when crafting a resume: It has to not only include killer content, but also look great. The following tips will help your graphic design resume stand out for all the right reasons.

Collaborative workspace article

7 Things That Will Make Your Colleagues Hate You

Do you work in an open workspace? If so, make sure you’re not guilty of these highly annoying behaviors.

Inspiring creativity article

Inspiring Creativity in Your Employees: Tips From a Top Creative ...

Want to amp up your team's creative output? Caleb Kozlowski, design director for Hybrid Design, shares his award-winning firm’s formula for inspiring creativity.

Video interview tips article

Screen Time: How to Nail Your Next Video Interview | Robert Half

Video job interviews are becoming more common each year. Make sure you’re prepared to get in front of the camera by following these seven video interview tips.

Job hunting mistakes article

Oops! 7 Common Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid | Robert Half

When you’re job hunting, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but that’s when mishaps tend to sneak up and strike. Here’s a list of common job hunting mistakes that could spell disaster — along with tips on how to avoid them.

Copywriting tips article

Copywriting Tips for Creatives Who Hate Writing | Robert Half

Copywriting can be a tricky business for designers and other creative professionals, but it’s an essential skill to hone. Use these copywriting tips the next time you’re tasked with a writing project.

What is freelance article

What is Freelance? Myth vs. Reality

Are you considering a freelance career but wondering if the grass is really greener? Here’s a realistic view from the other side of the fence.